Savaii, Samoa Samoan Time Nov 15, 2015 - PEGASUS LODGES

Savaii, Samoa
Samoan Time
Nov 15, 2015

Relax, you're on Samoan time.
It has been a week of still mornings and glassy evenings at Aganoa Lodge Samoa. The guests have been making the most of the light winds to get out on the water and enjoy all Aganoa has to offer.
With the mornings being so still and tranquil, guests have been up early heading out on fishing trips, taking swims in the lagoon or of course up with the sun to catch a smooth wave peeling down Aganoa reef just meters from their Fale. The days have been filled with trips to waterfalls, blowholes and cultural experiences here at Aganoa and our local village. However, it has been the serene evenings of slack winds that the guests have been taking most advantage of by spending them stand up paddle boarding or enjoying waves down the road at playgrounds.
Each day we have been making it back for some absolutely gorgeous sunsets reflecting golden rays off our mirror-like lagoon - turning the condensation on ice cold beers being savored into tiny golden gems. A flawless way to end a flawless day in Samoa.
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