The Telo Islands, Indonesia
Empty, Late Season Perfection
Nov 12, 2015

Trip 30 is a wrap, and man, did Huey deliver the goods!
We surfed a variety of waves from Monkey’s, Le-Ba, Bubble, Max’s Right, Max’s Left, ER, Schoolyards and Kindy’s. Every location delivered great surf days for the guys.
Being late season, pretty much every session we've had has been just the guests in the water. Everyone is loving the opportunity to leisurely pick the waves they want with their mates in the Telo Islands. Having swell for 10 days is always good and with the wind cooperating too, we had all the spots turn on.
The swell backed off a bit around the end of the trip, but everyone was surfed out and went home frothing.
In the forecast for swell there is another little bump on the way... But there seems to be waves everyday, even when it is small.
Big thanks to Stu Gibson for the amazing photos you took over the last 10 days; always a pleasure to have you at The Lodge.
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