The Telo Islands, Indonesia Telo Island Lodge Surf Report Oct 15, 2015 - PEGASUS LODGES

The Telo Islands, Indonesia
Telo Island Lodge Surf Report
Oct 15, 2015

Over the last few days, we have seen a fun-sized, consistent swell with favorable winds which has been producing many user-friendly waves just around the corner from the lodge.
Trusty Max's Left on the other side of the island has been serving up our guests a few nice long rides over the last 4 days as well. With light south to east winds and the swell sitting around 2-4 ft, Max's is an easy choice with everything working together to give us a playful, rolling left-hander.
We did mix things up by having a crack at Schoolyards the first morning the new guests arrived. The waves that were caught got the adrenaline going, and provided our guests with exposure to some heavier waves in the region. Kindies was surfed one morning too. Not the Kindies that we were hoping for, but another wave the boys could tick off their list nonetheless. Both morning surfs were followed by really fun sessions at Maxes Left.
Tomorrow's report says there is a bump in the swell in the afternoon so fingers crossed we get to explore some more of the numerous waves the Telo region provides!
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