Savaii, Samoa Coconut Craze Oct 11, 2015 - PEGASUS LODGES

Savaii, Samoa
Coconut Craze
Oct 11, 2015

With the Southeast winds continuing to blow through the lodge each day, we have been loading the van and making the scenic drive along the South coast to Coconut Grove where generally it is straight offshore with 4-5 ft A frames breaking into crystal clean tropical water. With the sun beaming down, the ladies enjoyed the picture view as they soaked up the sun whilst their partners were finding shade in the barrel!
Whilst on the West coast, we spotted a new break on which we gave a crack. The locals call it Clam Rock as the reef under is covered in clams, which the local Samoan people love to eat. With potential to be a dream bodyboard wave, we were sure to take down notes on where and when it breaks looking forward to the next time we see it break.
Our new guests arrived today and shot straight down to Middles and K-land where they enjoyed their first surf in Samoa followed by some cold beers and great stories on the way home told by the true pioneer of surfing in Samoa, Keithy Martin.
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