Aganoa Lodge Samoa Surf Report - Happy Days

Exploring has been on the agenda this week at Aganoa lodge with some fun kayak adventures mixed in with relaxing in our private lagoon. The waves have been a fun 3-4ft and the good times have been flowing. Calm conditions have been a great influence on the week delivering super glassy waves in the Aganoa cove for our own personal enjoyment. As usual, crowds are non-existent and enjoyment levels are at an all time high!

Alex Pundyk -

Casually cruising off the bottom.

Comfortable in the green room.



Fun times out the front.

Glassy goodness.

Happy days.

Lava rock exploring.

Lazy lagoon days.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - Sunny Days

This past week out here has been a barrel of laughs, in the water and on land. While the swell hasn’t been massive, we have managed to get a few really fun sessions at our wave magnets that have proved that even on days with small swell, great waves are still around. The weather has been absolutely stunning, hardly any rain, just sunny days almost every day!

An increase in swell in predicted to fill in throughout the day, by tomorrow it should be well overhead and holding in till the end of the trip. The boys have been waiting all week for this swell, let's hope it exceeds all expectations.

Benjamin Conn -

An empty barrel rolls through unridden.

Boosting on the inside.

Browny on a nice looking wave.

Browny setting one up.

Chris burying his rail.

James going to the air.

Matt hacking the back out of it.

Matt on a beauty!

Mike dropping into a clean peak.

Nice carve.

Stevo on a below sea level drainer.

Tom cutting back to the foam.

Tom paddling in on the shoulder.

Tom smashing the lip.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - It Hasn't Stopped!

Huey has really outdone himself this week! The swell has not stopped producing clean lines each and every day. As the wind hasn’t really come up over 5 knots this past week, we have managed to jag sessions all over Telo Islands including a couple of standout sessions at GTs, The Bubble and Le Ba. Max's Left has still been producing although our guests have been opting to surf other spots to keep things fresh and trial new waves in the area, which is the beauty of having such a large number of options within 30 minutes of the lodge—although sometimes it can be difficult to leave the lodge when there is a perfect right hander grinding down the reef directly in front of your bedroom.

We are expecting yet another pulse tomorrow, and the day after is looking like it is going to be quite a sight to behold. With so much surfing going down and more swell on the way, I am going to try to convince the guests to take a tour around Telo Island this afternoon mixing in with the local culture and see something a little different to perhaps what they are used to. Besides, a little rest will only benefit everyone before this big swell arrives in a couple more days.

Benjamin Conn -

Me, stalling at GTs.

Browny dropping in at The Bubble.

Corey on a beauty.

Corey blowing the tail at Le Ba.

Dingo on an overhead one.


John with his new found love for lefts.

Lenny cutting back to the foam.

Mangrove cruise.

Mark dropping into a good looking wave at The Bubble.

Mark with a nice hack in the pocket.

Flying down the line.

Moff on a cracker.

Simmo drawing nice lines.

And Simmo again, setting up at Pinnacles.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Aganoa Lodge Samoa Surf Report - Ripping the Rights!

Guests have exploded into this week by tearing apart a clean Aganoa Right hovering around the 3-4 foot mark, often feathered offshore by a welcome easterly breeze. Literally sending spray back to the mainland, the guys have enjoyed just setting up that end section and firing away. On top of this, the waterfall has been explored plus—fishing trips followed by sunset paddle board sessions. 

The Samoan sunset is a truly incredible scenario that unfolds while reflecting the peaceful yet vibrant culture of the country. There is nothing more authentic than drifting aimlessly on a paddle board, kayak or surfboard as the day pleasantly disappears in a slow shimmer of Alofa (Samoan word for “love”). Aganoa Lodge has some of the best viewing to see out the day, whether it’s in the ocean or over a fresh entrée of sashimi with an ice cold beverage in our beach front dining area. 

An incredible experience every day!

Alex Pundyk -

Slashing the shoulder.

Belting it on the backhand.

Hitchin' a ride as the guests embark on a fishing trip.

The end bowl is a body boarder’s dream.

Casually cruising.

Golden paddle board session.

Synchronised surfing?

Our wonderful waterfall from the sky!

Simmering Samoan Sunset.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - Swell for Days...

We are getting well into the surf season here in the Telos, and it's easy to tell with the size, consistency and quality of the waves that have been plaguing us over the past week or so. With pulses arriving every few days, it is hard to wipe the smiles from the guys’ faces. A few of our guests have stayed on and are doing back to back trips here at Telo Island Lodge, and I think they have picked a good time to do it. Last trip, we saw consistent head height waves at almost every session, and this trip is looking like it's not going to be too much different.

As the new guests arrived at the lodge on Wednesday, they saw the rest of us surfing out the front, alone, with glassy waves around the 3-4 foot mark and the occasional bigger set coming through. Rolling into the lodge and seeing that definitely would have increased the excitement levels and made them super keen to hit the water after 30+ hours of travelling, and this first taste of Telo has just barely set the standard for the rest of the week. Max's Left has been on fire the last couple of days with some really fun waves rolling through on all tides. We should see an increase in swell over the next couple of days, with it backing off slightly and then followed up by an even larger swell the middle of next week! The surf has been great fun, but I think it is only going to get better. Let’s just say that its a nice time to be in Telos.

Benjamin Conn -

Me on a nice little runner out the front.

Mark setting up at Max's Left.

Corey has his eyes on a section here at The Left.

Mark shaving some speed.

John carving off the lip.

Lenny with a beautiful wall to do as he pleases.

Big Mark on a real glassy one.

Almost tucking under the lip here at Max's Left.

Ben releasing the fins on the inside section.

Moffo showing everyone how to put an Al Byrne channel bottom to work.

Moffo showing everyone how to put an Al Byrne channel bottom to work.

Moff dropping into a good looking wave at The Left.

Simmo stalling for the barrell.

And Simmo again, on an absolute cracker 100m from his bed.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Fanning Island Surf Report - Untouched & Unreal

We are so lucky to have a small slice of this absolute gem of an island in the Central Pacific called Fanning Island. Upon setting foot amongst the coconut trees, you are instantly transported back in time to when everything was uncomplicated. Escaping the technology and sometimes manic world of 2017 is a must if you want to reward your soul with a calmness achieved by the fitting stereotype of “running away to a tropical island”

The fact that we are literally in the middle of the Pacific Ocean means there's nobody in sight when you take you lazy morning stroll a whole 50 meters to check the waves that are feathered offshore by the predominant SE wind direction. Any size is fun out the front with southerly swells wrapping around the reef to create long lefts or a good swell from the north will give you several A-frame peaks to choose from in what is a setup similar to Lowers Trestles in California, but closer to shore and minus the circus! Surf, fish and relax until your heart is content and mind is recharged.

Let Fanning Island Resort clear your head and open your eyes to the simple life.

Alex Pundyk -

Hitchin' a ride.

Barracuda always put up a great fight!

Peaceful island vibes.

No shortage of amazing sunsets in the Pacific.

Leisurely stroll to a guaranteed empty line-up.

Choose your preferred direction.

A tropical tease.

Glistening perfection.

Off the top of a playful left.

Empty rights.

Empty lefts.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - A Solid Start

Trip 13 began with a bang and a solid testing couple of days to welcome the new guests at Telo Island Lodge. 

We have had Max's Left, Max’s Right, Le Ba and The Bubble all turning on over the last few days with winds coming out of the south and also from the northwest. The Bubble has been the pick on high tides with some very friendly overhead long walls and the occasional barrel section on offer—while Max’s Left has gone from solid clean up sets, to the very enticing inside bowl sections and also providing very ripple long walls on most tides so far this week. 

Towards the end of the trip, there is another 3-5 foot of swell on its way, while the swell today slightly decreased. The boys are heading over to Kindies and Schoolyards to try their luck.

Izaak van Druten -

Max's Left.

Klaus on the inside.

Jamie stoked!

Moff at Le Ba.

Phil tucking in.

Jamie at The Left.

Simo out the front.

Bjorn at The Bubble.

Lenny on a runner.

Moff laying it on rail.

Brett with a nice hack.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Aganoa Lodge Samoa Surf Report - All the Activities!

Our guests this week have turned every day into an action-packed, fun-filled session, with the range of Aganoa activities we offer all being tested out!

Family fishing was a hit with the kids as well as the many relaxing afternoons on the beach. Paddle boarding and kayaking complemented the explosive Taga blowholes and starlit nights flavoured the Samoan skies with their patterns that inspired many traditional Samoan stories. On top of all of this, the surf has been pumping with one of our VIP guests, Mark, clearly slotted in an Aganoa Right gem showing that he has definitely tamed this wave before. 

It didn’t matter if you were goofy, regular, body boarding or even random surfing, everyone has been getting waves in the clean 3-4 ft surf out the front!

Alex Pundyk -

A playful gem rolls through untouched.

Driving off the bottom with some refined mini mal skills.

Loading the bottom turn.

Frothing out on the end!

Mark showing us how it's done!

Oh, the clarity.

Setting up on a transparent wave.

Random fun at Little Lefts.

Explosive Taga blowholes.

Family relaxation time.

Family fishing.

Classic Aganoa sunset.

Classic Aganoa sunset.

The village lagoon shining like gold.

Peaceful starlit Samoan skies.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - Consistent Good Times

The last week has been welcomed by 2-4 foot waves every single day here at Telo Island Lodge. We’ve had varying winds nearly each day so the lads have had the pleasure now to have tried every single break within 20 minutes of the lodge.

Most early mornings of the last few days have been welcomed by some nice high tide sessions at The Bubble and ER, with the odd stop over at Kindies and Schoolyards before lunch—while there has been some epic sessions going down in the late afternoons at Max’s Left and also Le Ba. The wind hasn’t been too strong until today so we’ve had the pleasure to go wherever we please. The guests even ventured out on a Telo tour one afternoon as they were quite surfed out (It was quite a memorable one!).

The last day of the trip looks like a serious pulse in swell with next weeks forecast really looking like a solid couple of days.

Izaak van Druten -

Chook in his natural element.

Chook lining up the green room.

Dave and Dave sharing the stoke.

Dave off the top.

Dave with a nice afternoon glassy one.

Dave with an open canvas.

Dingo getting out of the sun.

Matt at Max's Left.

Matt laying it on rail!

Tim-tang with a luscious looking wall ahead.

Zak in a round one.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Aganoa Lodge Samoa Surf Report - Turning Tropical

Flawless weather and waves alike have themed this week to perfection here at Aganoa Lodge Samoa.

The waves have been in the 3-4 foot range with the guests surfing the Aganoa Left and Right most days. The wind has meant there are barrels on offer for those who are willing to slide under the lips of the waves generated by a turquoise South Pacific Ocean. The very same waters have been rewarding us on fishing trips in the form of Giant Trevally and Spanish Mackerel swiftly snapping up our lures. Of course, the only way to cap off each day in paradise is icy cold beers in the shadow of a fiery Samoan sunset.

Alex Pundyk -

Aganoa Left doesn't get much better.

An empty right rolls through, not uncommon to see.

Easy entry and exit here at Aganoa.

Going for a casual kayak.

Half time beer break.

How's that water!

Navigating the end section.

Our beautiful slice of paradise.


Successful fishing trip!

The clarity of the South Pacific Ocean is something else...

Tucking under with ease.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge