Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - Consistent Good Times

The last week has been welcomed by 2-4 foot waves every single day here at Telo Island Lodge. We’ve had varying winds nearly each day so the lads have had the pleasure now to have tried every single break within 20 minutes of the lodge.

Most early mornings of the last few days have been welcomed by some nice high tide sessions at The Bubble and ER, with the odd stop over at Kindies and Schoolyards before lunch—while there has been some epic sessions going down in the late afternoons at Max’s Left and also Le Ba. The wind hasn’t been too strong until today so we’ve had the pleasure to go wherever we please. The guests even ventured out on a Telo tour one afternoon as they were quite surfed out (It was quite a memorable one!).

The last day of the trip looks like a serious pulse in swell with next weeks forecast really looking like a solid couple of days.

Izaak van Druten -

Chook in his natural element.

Chook lining up the green room.

Dave and Dave sharing the stoke.

Dave off the top.

Dave with a nice afternoon glassy one.

Dave with an open canvas.

Dingo getting out of the sun.

Matt at Max's Left.

Matt laying it on rail!

Tim-tang with a luscious looking wall ahead.

Zak in a round one.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Aganoa Lodge Samoa Surf Report - Turning Tropical

Flawless weather and waves alike have themed this week to perfection here at Aganoa Lodge Samoa.

The waves have been in the 3-4 foot range with the guests surfing the Aganoa Left and Right most days. The wind has meant there are barrels on offer for those who are willing to slide under the lips of the waves generated by a turquoise South Pacific Ocean. The very same waters have been rewarding us on fishing trips in the form of Giant Trevally and Spanish Mackerel swiftly snapping up our lures. Of course, the only way to cap off each day in paradise is icy cold beers in the shadow of a fiery Samoan sunset.

Alex Pundyk -

Aganoa Left doesn't get much better.

An empty right rolls through, not uncommon to see.

Easy entry and exit here at Aganoa.

Going for a casual kayak.

Half time beer break.

How's that water!

Navigating the end section.

Our beautiful slice of paradise.


Successful fishing trip!

The clarity of the South Pacific Ocean is something else...

Tucking under with ease.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - Smiles All Round

The new guests here at Telo Island lodge have been welcomed to the last 3 days of a consistent 2-4 foot with a northeast to northwest wind giving us a few surfs at a variety of our go-to spots. The guests have enjoyed surfing at some of our spots including The Bubble, Max's Left, Kindies and one real stand out session at GT’s, which left some smiles on a few faces hopefully for a while to come. The sun has also finally shown its face again after a couple of days of rain and unfavourable weather.

The Left was really fun and consistent this morning with a declining swell, even though some sets were coming through well overhead, followed by a session at the Bubble and Kindies in the afternoon. Over the next 2 days, the swell is forecasted to drop into the 2-3 foot range which might give the guests a chance to do a Telo Tour, head out fishing or just explore these beautiful islands. 

A large new pulse in swell is forecasted towards the last 4 days of the trip, which should keep the boys going right through to the end of their stay here at Telo Island Lodge with the charts at the moment saying out the front at Max’s right should be firing, fingers crossed!

Izaak van Druten -

An unridden gem!

Chook finding some shade.

Chook with a carve in the pocket.

Dave dragging the arm.

David making it rain.

David threading the needle.

Matt doing what he does best.

Matt off the bottom.

Matt with a sunset cutback.

Tim lining one up.

Zak off the top.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Aganoa Lodge Samoa Surf Report - Fun for All

Apart from the consistent 2-4ft waves all week with favourable and light offshore winds, the activities on offer at Aganoa Lodge have been in full swing this week!

Kayaking through the luscious lagoon has been a relaxing start or finish to the day while the kids have been enjoying action packed surf sessions on our care free wave, Little Lefts. This break’s proximity to our accommodation lets our lucky guests literally glide to their front door step on their own board or one of our WaveStorm fun boards that we have to use as part of our all-inclusive packages.

The rain has been on and off, but that hasn’t stopped us from enjoying some snorkelling adventures, a cultural tour and obviously the great waves breaking out the front for all levels of surfers!

Alex Pundyk -

A delicious left.

Aganoa Left looking good.

Another perspective.

Choose your watercraft.

Good times all around.

Immersing themselves in the lovely Samoan culture.

Lagoon fun.

Learning how to grab rail.

Party wave.

Precision surfing.

Pulling in.

Soothing snorkel in front of the lodge.

The end section of Aganoa Right producing the barrels.

The view from within.

Traditional Fia Fia demonstration.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - Chilled Days

Our new guests have arrived and are settling in nicely at the lodge. The forecast hasn’t looked amazing, but each session has provided super fun, glassy waves around the 2-3 foot range, and still no charter boats in sight! The beauty about this area is that no matter what the forecast seems to show, we always manage to find something to ride. The fact that the majority of wind directions are covered, we can almost always find a spot with nice clean lines rolling through. The boys have witnessed this first hand over the last few days, with some very doubtful people jumping on the boat to head out into messy oceans and we have still scored glassy waves in each and every session.

A new pulse in swell is supposed to arrive over the next few days with some south winds, which will hopefully provide us with some overhead waves and a few days at some of our other spots which we haven’t surfed yet. As long as we can keep our streak going—we haven’t surfed with anyone other than ourselves yet this trip—there may be some very content people heading towards the end of the trip.

Benjamin Conn - ben@teloislandlodge

The boys sharing a set at Max's Left.

The Bubble showing us its potential.

An unridden gem at Le Ba.

Gary sticking to the pocket at Max's Left.

John taking the high line at Bubble.

Super fun day at the Left.

John setting up at Le Ba.

Burying the rail.

Paul on a great little insider at Le Ba.

Roll in at Le Ba.

Roll in at Le Ba.

Steve with his toes on the nose.

Steve with his toes on the nose.

Zak on a round one.

Zak on a round one.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Fanning Island Surf Report - Untouched and Unreal!

All the options have been on fire at Fanning with the choice of 5 breaks daily delivering 3-6ft open, smooth faces for our surfing delight. Sunset after sunset has given way to days well spent amongst coconut trees, fun waves and cheeky locals.

Still with no tourists in sight, we attempt to comprehend just how lucky we are to surf multiple, quality lefts and rights to ourselves! Each afternoon we embrace the day that has been and sleep peacefully knowing that even though we are all surfed out now, tomorrow will once again assume the form of paradise.

Juliette Budge -

A small left peels down the Fanning reef.

Alex racing down the line.

An A-frame breaks untouched on the Fanning set up.

Playful Fanning Left looking lonely.

Relaxed, easy and fun.

Runner's Right coming to life in a small north swell.

Runner's Right looking very chilled out.

Stroking into an easy roller.

The office.

The roll in at Whaler's is super forgiving.

Whaler's Right looking appealing.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Aganoa Lodge Samoa Surf Report - Paradise Prevails

The conditions here at Aganoa Lodge Samoa have been superb lately on all levels. The waves are a lovely 3-4ft being pleasantly groomed by the offshore easterly winds, while the weather has ranged from spectacular sunsets to refreshing and short sprinkles of rain welcomed after a long day of activities.

Paddle boards in our private, pristine lagoon has been a favourite of the guests along with some relaxed fun on the house long boards and a tranquil trip to the local waterfall. Apart from the amazing waves, our guests love Samoa for the truly authentic experience it provides. 

A peaceful island culture, stuck in the time of simplicity and natural beauty awaits your presence. Come and enjoy soul soothing combination of a crystal clear ocean, uncrowded waves and the serenity of our location at Aganoa Lodge Samoa.

Alex Pundyk -

Pastel sunsets are a pleasure.

Group dip at the waterfall, 10 minutes from the lodge.

Cool, calm and collected.

Punchy Aganoa Right end section.

Relaxing days at the lodge.

Playful times at Aganoa Right.

 Post session stroll back to their private beachfront fale.

Our lovely lagoon.

The house SUPs are super fun on the inside.

Classic Aganoa.

A lazy paddle board in the lagoon.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - Simply Stunning

We have come to the tail end of Trip 10, and the boys have finally had some time to slow down a little instead of surfing from dawn till dusk. At the start of the trip, we had a very consistent swell and light variable winds, which meant the waves were absolutely pumping everywhere we looked, the lads could barely contain their froth, surfing ourselves silly, day after day. By day 5, we started to to really feel the hours in the water creep up on us and as the swell started to ease off from day 6—we did too. 

As the swell has backed off a little, we slowed down to only 2 sessions per day, still finding periods of perfection at our wave magnets. A number of our crew even managed to take an afternoon out of the water to check out Tello Town, mixing with the locals and taking in our surroundings to realise where we are, creating some pretty special moments. Taking our TIL veterans into Tello Town for the first time gave everyone a different kind of froth, something that riding waves (as perfect as they are) simply cannot produce. That being said, it was a pretty awesome trip for waves too.

(All photos courtesy of Stu Gibson)

Benjamin Conn -

Awful place to spend the morning. ;)

The crystal clear water can make you believe it is only inches deep.

Cameron on a beauty.

Jacque letting the fins go.

Justin with a super glassy one at ER.

Martin setting up for the tube.

Martin setting up for the tube.

 Jacques on a perfect head-height reef runner.

 Johan, showing some power!

Peter pulling in at Pinnacles.

An empty wave grinding along the reef...

Tello Town.

The view from above at Max's Left, just a short stroll or boat ride from the lodge.

The lads taking a dip at the newly dubbed 'Rob's Beach'.

Smiles all round after another epic session.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - Island Paradise

You couldn’t ask for a better way to start a trip. We’ve got a few 'oaks' from South Africa with us at the moment, and they have been blessed with some serious waves during each and every session. It is the fourth day in, and the boys are averaging 6-7 hours in the water per day. We have been surfing at Kindies, Schoolyards, Max's Left, Pinnacles—and we enjoyed an almost surreal day yesterday, which involved an overhead session at Max's Left. We had a break for lunch then went straight over to GT’s to score some head height nuggets and a late journey to The Bubble to find empty, glassy 2-3 foot runners, which the guests dominated over the last hour and a half of daylight. Afterwards, everyone climbed back into the boat to cruise home with Bintangs in hand, not really believing what had occurred throughout the day. With wild calls such as “Best day ever!” being thrown around, the breathtaking sunset only topped off a truly, unforgettable day.

(Photos courtesy of Stu Gibson, ultra professional, and all-time legend!)

Benjamin Conn -

Max's Left from above.

Jacques setting up for the tube.

Max's Left turned it on this trip, and the boys did not disappoint.

Anton vibing on everyone's stoke.

Justin screaming down the line at Kindies.

Martin cruising at The Bubble.

Peter on a nice little nugget.

Tunnel vision.

Absolute perfection.

Dingo getting slotted!

A magical afternoon that will not be forgotten.

Blue tunnel.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - Max's Right Producing!

Trip 9 has come and gone, with plenty of waves around for the boys all week. For a few days running, all that was needed was to sit up in bed and watch Max’s Right rifling down the line before the decision was made to surf directly in front of the lodge. With such a large swell rolling in, there was some hesitancy at the start, but it wasn’t long before the guys were tackling it head on and scoring some seriously good waves.

As good as surfing the wave right on our doorstep can be, we also managed to venture out and score some waves at The Bubble. Max’s Left turned it on for a number of sessions and a select few jagged a session at Kindies, which I think will be remembered for a while to come. With another large swell hitting for the next trip, I get the feeling that the Indonesian surf season is well and truly underway, and if this month is anything to go by, we could be in for a good one.

Benjamin Conn -

The view from the lineup out the front of the lodge.

Aviv in the spot on a pearler.

Dave on a serious bomb out the front.

Marc setting up on a beauty.

Rob dropping from the sky!

Alon flying along on a nice one at Max's Right.

Daniel cutting back at Max's Left.

Dingo carving off the bottom.

Micah dropping in to a nice one at Max's Left.

Igor at The Bubble.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge