Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - Live Surf & Music

The boys arrived in Telos from Victoria to a clean surf with no boats at Max’s Left somewhere in between the 2-3 ft range. In the next few days, we're having a prevailing north wind with the majority of the other surfs sessions being over at Kindies and Schoolyards. The boys were charging and taking some serious drops! I think everyone has started finding their groove at the breaks, just in time for the new swell that started arriving this morning. We are also keen to have a go out the front at Max’s Right, which is a past time favourite for some of the returning lads from previous trips.

Ray has been keeping everyone entertained with his guitar skills alongside with Mick, who happened to be a guest and the frontman of Los Locos, with most guests staying up enjoying a few drinks, vibing in conversations and live music. The rest of the trip is looking promising with back to back swells lined up on the charts so it looks like it's gonna be another great trip at the lodge!

Dylan Russell -

Al carving it up at Max's Left.

Brendan cruising.

John lining it up at Schoolyards.

Ken committing to a massive drop.

Mick pig-dogging from the take off.

Off the bottom by Ken.

Two-stroke Kenny on a dredger.

Vic with his backhand attack.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Aganoa Lodge Samoa Surf Report - Family Fun

Aganoa Lodge this week has given us a wide range of options for the adventure-seeking families we have onsite with surfing, fishing and exploring featuring as our daily activities. Tuna caught amongst the pastel sunsets followed the trips to our local waterfall that have been carved out of luscious, green jungle over thousands of years, while the days were filled with surfing for all levels. The kids had a great time on our easy going, beginner wave, “Little Lefts”, while those with a little more experience enjoyed the gift of great wind and weather out the front on our house wave, Aganoa Right, just 200 meters from your bed.

Island living has never been so good!

Alex Pundyk -

Clean conditions!

A whip on the end.

Mid-carve on Aganoa Right.

The kids loving Little Lefts!

Hunting for fish.

The freshest tuna.

Luscious, green Samoan jungle.

Waterfall adventures.

The raw power of the blowholes.

A classic Samoan sunset.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - Telo Turns It On For Our Returning Guests

We have a mixed group at the lodge this trip, a few seasoned veterans of TIL and a few freshies, which is nice to have in one group, the old hands showing them the ropes, and the new blood keeping the others on their toes! We have already managed to surf a number of different waves in the area, ER has produced some magic over the last couple of days, Max’s Left has given us a few solo sessions and the first morning with our new guests at Pinnacles was the kind of session you dream about before coming to these areas, crystal clear water, bright blue skies and not a drop of water out of place, a perfect opener on their first ever session in the Telo Islands.

Over the next week we should see this swell level out at basically the same height for the majority of the trip. A few different swell directions and period pulses may change things up a bit, although the trend seems to be very similar for the next week at least. Let's hope we score a few more solo sessions to keep everyone smiling, personally, I don’t think it will be too hard to accomplish.

Benjamin Conn -

A beautiful backdrop!

A beautiful backdrop!

Bomber dropping into one at Schoolyards.

Father and daughter sharing one.

Geoff having the time of his life at Pinnacles.

Glen flying down the line.

Pip charging hard at Schoolyards.

Here she is again, styling at Pinnacles.

Rick at Max's Left.

Steve cutting back at ER.

The Baron on a beauty at ER.

Tom blowing the tail!

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Aganoa Lodge Samoa Surf Report - Swell Times

There is no shortage of swell at Aganoa Lodge Samoa at the moment with plenty of waves marching across the South Pacific Ocean for our enjoyment, complimented by favourable Easterly winds. The surfers have had a great time out the front on shortboards, bodyboards and even the soft tops in the 3-6ft surf. The wave immediately in our front yard, Aganoa Right, loves an offshore wind which holds open the barrels as well as providing opportunities to go left with the time it gives you not usually seen in onshore conditions. From mega kegs, to casually sitting in the pocket, the reef has turned it on for everyone, with a constant safety of the deep channel right next to the wave. A quick jungle trek next to the lodge was also a great way to experience the beautiful Samoan flora and fauna.

Alex Pundyk -

A lucky left at Aganoa Right.

Absolutely charging.

Clean conditions.

Easy end section take off.

Fun times in paradise.

Racing the offshore face.

Stand tall.

The from sneaks under.

The luscious Samoan jungle.

The punchy pocket on the end of Aganoa Right.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - Relaxed Days

Trip 19 began with a few smaller days, which helped everyone get into the swing of things. We were spending our time surfing uncrowded Max's Left and a few sessions at our small wave secret spots that were completely empty when we showed up, and if I was to have a guess I would say that they still are. The water clarity is always nice out here, but these days were nothing short of spectacular. As the swell started filling in, Max's Left became the pick, until this morning, when we woke to the sound of waves pounding the shoreline and decided it was time to step up and try a slab not too far away. The guys went hard all morning and came back absolutely beaming.

As I am writing this report, we have four of our guests trading 3-4 footers directly in front of my office without a drop of water out of place. This swell is supposed to stick around for a few more days so let's hope we can keep the crew amped and try to tackle a few spots that we haven’t been to—and possibly a few old favourites too.

Benjamin Conn -

A goofy footers' paradise!

Anne cruising at Max's Left.

Denis drawing off the bottom at Max's Right.

Denis off the top.

Duke again, charging hard!

Duke with a nice long wall.

Fish laying down his rail game.

Flying high!

Peter cutting back to the foam.

Quentin on a beauty at The Left.

Rich carving off the top.

Rob dropping into a good looking wave.

Zak finding his happy place with yet another Best Day Ever call!

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Aganoa Lodge Samoa Surf Report - Island Tour

Good times all around this week as we toured around the island that Aganoa Lodge Samoa is based on, Savaii. With variable winds, we ventured down to "Middles” where we found fun 2-3 ft faces to carve comfortably in the warm, tropical South Pacific Ocean. Further along the coast, we explored the hauntingly beautiful ruins of an old church amongst the rest of the luscious jungle scenery Samoa is famous for. Diving deep into the island’s scenery and culture is just one of the many non-surf activities we like to offer to our guests who want that little bit more out of their Samoan dream.

Alex Pundyk -

A fun day at Middles.

Comfortably carving.

Covered on a soft top.

Diving deep into blue.

Island tour, featuring the old church ruins.

Slashing away the day.

Sweeping off the bottom.

Tucking into a fun one.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - Sunny Days and Frothing Groms

The sun is shining here in the Telo Islands with a nice consistent 2-4 feet of swell, beautiful sunny blue sky days and 8 fresh faces all smiling from ear to ear. Trip 18 began with a bang scoring two solid sessions at GT’s on day one and day two. The groms on this trip were really pushing themselves and getting some nice deep barrels to go along with some testing, late takeoffs. They didn’t disappoint and I believe they have found their new favourite wave. Apart from that, Max’s Left has been the pick of the bunch with a consistent east wind prevailing over the past two weeks leaving some nice groomed long lefts to attack. The guests have also had some fun sessions at Kindies, The Bubble, Max’s Right, Le Ba and some surfing through the mangroves behind our trusty 80 Down.  

Going forward, the forecast looks nice with some pulses over a few days that should shoot into the 4 feet range, most of the swell will be hanging around the 2-4 feet mark. Maybe a Telo Tour is on the cards later in the week. Hopefully the groms will get to have a few more sessions at GT’s which will send them home buzzing no doubt!

Izaak van Druten -

Niko with the wave of the trip thus far.

Brayden finding some shade.

Getting airborne.

Brett with a nice pocket hack.

Jackson making it rain.

Darren off the top.

Niko finding another barrel.

Grant watching an empty one roll through.

Darren getting out of the sun.

Rob looking down the line.

Another beautiful Telo sunset from Max's Left.

Brett with a nice turn.

Matty B off the bottom.

Grant on a runner at Max's Left.

Matt laying it on rail.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - The Boys Scoring Telos!

Trip 17 has been another absolute cracker! We have been scoring waves all over the Telo islands. Max's Right directly out the front of the lodge, has been the pick of the lot at a consistent 3-6 feet for the duration of the trip. We have also jagged some great sessions at GTs, Le Ba, M16s, Max's Left and The Bubble. The boys from Brissy have given it a decent nudge, not shying away from the big stuff—even though a few may have been a little out of their comfort zone, their commitment even when their bodies were starting to pack it in was nothing short of exceptional.

After days and days of over head surf and enough water time to drown a fish, the swell is starting to back off a little, and will continue to decrease over the next few days. This will give our new guests arriving tomorrow some time to settle in before another decent swell is predicted to arrive on the 15th, if it is anything like these last two I have a feeling that we shall be in for some more stoked out surfers this upcoming trip.

Benjamin Conn -

Ando flying along at Max's Right.

Azza dropping into a bomb.

Farty staring down the tunnel.

Garry on an absolute beauty.

Jamo drawing his line at GTs.

Me on a little insider.

Niko on a runner at The Bubble.

Per cruising at The Bubble.

Sharing a wave at Pinnacles.

Slaughts weighing up his options.

Standard afternoon in Telo.

The boys enjoying a beer on our Tsunami Hill watching the other guests destroy Max's Right!

The Sluggo King stalling for the tube.

Tibbo shooting down the line on a good looking wave.

Warrick scaring the locals in his DTs.

Zachary hitting 12 o' clock.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Fanning Island Surf Report - Tropical Dreaming

The location of Fanning island Resort in the Central Pacific is truly one of the only remaining untouched gems on this planet, reminiscent of the type of scenes regularly appearing in overworked surfer’s tropical dreams every day. The sun rises over the luscious jungle of coconut trees daily to spread vibrance over the picturesque landscape full of colour and healthy life in and out of the water, while the predominant offshore wind direction fans the playful waves just a stones throw from shore until the golden afternoon light slowly fades to reveal a sky full of stars, void of any light pollution.  

With the house waves, Fanning Right & Left, just a short stroll from your bed, the issue of long, bumpy vehicle rides are simply non-existent on Fanning Island. There are six waves that work on all tides within a 20 minute boat trip of the resort so it’s not uncommon to have three surfs in one day. Apart from the surf, the fishing around the island is another reason to visit our slice of paradise. Tuna, Giant Trevally, Dolphin and Wahoo are all in abundance within this untapped fishery along with many unique inshore bone fishing opportunities around the island that fisherman around the world have been chasing for years.

All in all, Fanning Island is an experience you will appreciate for its authenticity, variety and beauty, while doing everything you love to do.

Alex Pundyk -

Afternoon delight.

Another playful day out the front.

Arriving at the break luckily with a camera in hand.

Easy going walls to surf.

Explore what the island has to offer.

Feathered A-frame out the front.

Gazing at Golden Lefts.

Literally a stone throw away.

Quite the view while you fish.

Simply stroll to the welcoming waves.

The view from Fanning Island Resort.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Aganoa Lodge Samoa Surf Report - Delightful Days

The South Pacific Ocean has been delivering us gifts in many forms this week with fishes, waves and entertainment being the stand outs. If we weren’t making the most of the 3-4ft groomed faces of the waves directly out the front of the lodge, we were watching the playful spinner dolphins put on a show as we relaxed amongst our beach front dining. 

The other fantastic ocean entertainment is the Taga blowholes that fire the raw energy in the form of water through eroded lava rock resulting in an impressive display of the power of the sea meeting the history of the land. Due to this, the blowholes are always on our weekly itinerary! Pleasant dips at the waterfalls filled in the time between the incredibly fun surfs, just as it should when we are living in paradise.

Alex Pundyk -

A nice looking barracuda.

Aganoa end section standing up to be torn down.

Aganoa Left, empty and appealing.

Aganoa Right is a great wave for all watercraft, kneeboarders love it!

Golden afternoon surfs.

Scooping off the bottom.

The explosive Taga blowholes.

The reason we travel.

The spinner dolphins in their playground.

Tranquility only 10 minutes from the lodge.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge