Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - Fireballs on the Equator

We’ve had everything you could imagine here at Telo Island Lodge over the past ten days — lefts, rights, fishing expeditions, Bintangs and exploring new islands. I have to say this trip will be one that no guest leaving will forget anytime soon. Fishing will never be the same again!

The surf was really going off over the first five days of the trip with perfect 3-4 feet of southwest swell. Max’s Left was doing its mechanical best day in day out, and Max’s Right had a few days of perfection in between. The Bubble has had a few stand out moments towards the end along with a few of our little quite go-to spots we like to keep quiet about. 

As today is the last day of Trip 26, we are starting to see a nice new swell roll in. It's hard packing up surf boards when you slowly see waves rolling and growing down Max’s Right. I'm sure our new guests will be stoked later on today when they arrive, tomorrow is looking like a very good day to be in the Telos!

Izaak van Druten -

Clint pulling into another tube.

Oonga flying down the line again.

JK and Oonga sharing a moment.

Clint again!

JK loving The Bubble.

Ado hacking away in the pocket.

Oonga mangrove surfing.

Turtle at The Bubble.

Bobby patrolling the lineup.

Jace at Max's Right.

Rob on big red.

Ado with another wall to play with.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Aganoa Lodge Samoa Surf Report - Classic Conditions

3-6 ft waves and clean conditions have really shown off what our Samoan reefs can do this week. The south swell direction and great winds meant our front yard was again pumping for the enjoyment of the surfers staying with us. Little Lefts was enjoyed on the soft tops, Aganoa Right was conquered on a malibu and showcase barrels were on offer as everyone lapped up the pleasant weather and conditions, perfectly summed up by a beautiful rainbow coming to life, spotted by our in-house photographers. While the amazing natural phenomena around the lodge is spectacular, the Aganoa Lodge Samoa photographers are geared up and really just there to capture your holiday in and out of the water, what a trip!

Come and make some memories with us!

Alex Pundyk -


Sneaking under the lip.

The illusive K-Land doing its thing.

Little Lefts providing a playful alternative.

Looking left at Aganoa Right.

Enjoying the view.

Tackling Aganoa Right.

Barrel time.

Swooping in on the mal.

Backhand bliss.

Clean walls for everyone.

Offshore and looking fine.

Carving up the end section.

Rainbow days.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - Barrel of Laughs

The boys arrived to a consistent 3 foot swell, and we couldn’t get them in the water quick enough — the first few days were a mix of lefts, rights, beers and laughs, not necessarily in that order. The rise and fall of the swell over the past few days has enabled us to spend some time cruising around the islands, fishing, enjoying the sunset and drinking a few cold ones.

We had a sharp increase of swell yesterday creating great waves out the front of the lodge. It is so handy being able to surf 200m from your bed and not have to get in the speedboat and chase waves amongst the storms that have been rolling through. The next few days looks like a decrease in swell, so perhaps some more fishing and we have a bonfire on the beach scheduled where we will eat what we catch. Let’s hope we don’t go hungry…

Benjamin Conn -

Oonga, the guy that never stops smiling, he is even smiling on this wave!

Ado dropping into a crispy one.

Clint pulling in.

And Clint again setting up a nice looking wall at Max's Left.

An empty wave grinds along.

Jase tucking in.

Jason drawing a nice arc.

JK spotting the next section at Max's Left.

Rob tried a longboard this day and he hasn't looked back.

Turtle cutting back to the foam.

Zak tweaking his fins at the left!

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Aganoa Lodge Samoa Surf Report - Spoilt Offshore

Offshore winds have swept our surf sessions this week at the lodge with some great opportunities for venturing under the lip and through the barrel sections our waves have to offer. With 2-4ft of swell, the guests enjoyed some classic tropical conditions with warm water, no crowds and pleasant winds. Aganoa Right was producing barrel sections that were kindly being held open by the wind, giving our guests a taste of what its like to have your pick of the best waves.

Apart from the desirable conditions, the week also included a lovely trip to our local waterfall, always a refreshing experience amongst the surf and other activities we have available at Aganoa Lodge. With welcome winds, each afternoon comes to a close leaving us satisfied and stoked, eagerly anticipating what the next day in paradise has to offer.

Alex Pundyk -

Samoan surf at its finest.

The forgiving shoulder at Aganoa Right lets you relax.

Under the lip exploration.

Barrel time!

Offshore feathered fun.

Carving the shoulder of Aganoa Left.

Speeding down the line.

Fun times on the soft tops.

With winds like this, barrels are a plenty.

Power wrap on Aganoa Right.

Lining up the section in the middle peak.

Carefree days in the lineup.

Body boarders loving the end bowl!

Such a pleasant piece of the natural environment.

Sit back, enjoy the serenity.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Pinnacles on Telo Surf Report - Gather Around

We’ve already created a pocket full of great memories out here in The Telo’s as we come to the tail end of this trip. Every day has been sunny, full of adventure and waves. The winds have been light so we’ve had the top choice of surf spots, surfing more than a handful of different breaks in just the first few days, satisfying both short and longboarders.

The family vibe on this trip has been amazing. Every morning is spent together watching the sunrise with coffee in hand; the perfect way to start the day. The guys have taken a particular liking to the house surf spot, Pinnacles, which has been doing its thing every day so far, not to mention the spectacular view from the line up! The swell is still consistent and holding, so we haven’t let up, but we will definitely squeeze in a cultural Telo tour and maybe even a nap. We’re all feeling stoked and surfed out, and with some sore paddling muscles you can bet that the masseuse will be booked out all day tomorrow.

Well it’s just about time to gather around the pool to watch the sun go down, cocktail in hand. Cheers! 

Words by Tory Gilkerson -
Photos by Andrew Shield

Biddle moving around some water.

Cruising our white sandy beach before an afternoon surf.

Tom spending some time on his forehand at Max’s Left.

Augie carving back at Pinnacles.

Taking off on a set! Idoline gets priority over the boys when the sets come.

Apocalypse, our surf transfer boat in all its glory.

Making the line up an even nicer view, Angie passing by the pinnacle.

Surf until the sun goes down!

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Pinnacles on Telo Surf Report - Lighting Up

The new Pinnacles guests have shown up with impeccable timing. The forecast for the ten days has been nothing short of dreamy, with a gradual increase of strong and steady southwest swell and light winds to top it off. Our first couple of sessions were around waist to chest high, so everyone got a good feeling for the reefs before the swell filled in. The conditions have been great for snorkeling after a surf in the crystal clear water. By day three the place was lighting up, with solid sets at just about every break in our area. The guys have been frothing, and the gals have been going for it as well. Yesterday's session at Pinnacles was epic. The group was a little timid when we showed up to find well overhead sets, but they charged it. A few hours, lots of beatings, and a couple broken boards later we left with eight massive smiles. Now that we've had the biggest and best conditions these guests can face anything, and we can't wait to see what the last days of the trip bring us. We may even make some time for a massage and cocktail by the pool, life is too easy out here!

Words by Tory Gilkerson -
Photos by Andrew Shield

Cindy, always smiling.

Our gal Joanna mastering the frontside bottom turn at Pinnacles.

Jack sliding into a big hollow one.

Kurt getting right in the pocket.

Getting some perspective of the lineup.

Brian, showing us just how clear the water is out there.

Tricia dropping in at Max's Left, her favorite of the surf breaks.

Joanna oozing with style at E.R.

Kurt again, showing us why we love our home break.

Absolutely charging, Brian on the biggest day at Pinnacles.

James fully committing to the late drop.

Ariel sneaking into a bomb, nice and early.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - Fun Waves in Telo

The sun is out and about with some fun waves on hand here at Telo Island Lodge. Although the swell has dropped a little this week, it has given us a chance to try out some of our small wave go-to spots.  They have been fun none the least and have given our guests sore shoulders and smiling faces. The water has been crystal clear and a balmy 28-29 degrees. Apart from that, keeping sunscreen on and staying hydrated has been top of the agenda to go with long hours out in the water. The charts haven’t given our guests too much hope since arrival, but we have had luck on our side and keep seeming to find a couple of marathon sessions. We have had a couple of surfs at ER's, Hotdogs, Kindies, Pinnacles and The Bubble, although Max’s Left just seems to be the most consistent day after day.

The swell ahead is much the same over the next two days, with forecasted fun 2 footers and variable winds. Followed by some building swell towards the end of the trip which has the guests super excited. Let's hope we get to send them out with a bang!

Izaak van Druten -

Unridden spitter.

Phil dropping his wallet.

Spirit fingers.

Rory with some early morning perfection.

Davo in the pocket.

Eddie on a glassy one.

Ed setting up.

Phil on a chunky one.

Randy ripping.

High line.

Another Telo sunrise.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Aganoa Lodge Samoa Surf Report - Ripping Rides

The waves have been super playful lately with our guests smashing out all types of manoeuvres amongst the fun conditions. With nobody else in the line up, it's merely a matter of how many waves you can catch, and what would you'd like to do on them. Even with the side shore winds, the 2-3 ft surf is still very rippable meaning fun sessions were on the cards. Trips are still open towards the end of the year so get in quick for your chance to experience our uncrowded island paradise. We have North and South facing breaks that turn on in all seasons!

Alex Pundyk -

Aganoa Right standing up for the back hand attack.

South Pacific slash.

Now for the laybacks.

Boost time.

Mini hack on a playful wall.

Precision surfing.

Testing out the right hander at Middles.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Telo Island Lodge Surf Report - Tribute to Tony

We are winding up the end of Trip 24, and the boys here have scored some serious waves all trip. It is the last day today and also the first day where there isn’t overhead waves peeling down the reef in front of the lodge. We have had predominant north winds most days, which has limited our options in the area, but having Max’s Right out the front meant that we didn’t need to travel anywhere to score great surf. 

We still managed to sneak in a few sessions at Max’s Left, The Bubble, Le Ba and Kindies — which definitely helped in regards to variety of waves on the low wind days, however I think most people will be taking home fond memories of Max’s Right as it truly is a sight to behold when the stars align as they did on a few sessions this trip.

Next week sees the swell decrease a bit, with more variable winds so I think a few more options may be on the cards. It has been a super cool trip with these legends this past ten days, and next week we have returning guests as well so let's hope Huey shows up the the party, and we can put our guys into more of what they expect out here in the Telo Islands.

Benjamin Conn -

Bill dropping into a beauty at Le Ba.

Butcher tucking under one at Max's Left.

A great morning to remember a friend.

Dave drawing a nice line at Le Ba.

Don on an absolute screamer out the front.

George almost hitting the boat with spray on this one at Max’s Left.

Johnny off the top.

Ruskin bashing the lip.

Sab lofting out the front.

Scotty putting his stick on rail.

The lads sharing a laugh in the mangroves.

And Scott again cracking a long Max’s Right wall.

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge

Pinnacles on Telo Surf Report - "It's All Happening!"

The opening days of our first trip at Pinnacles have been nothing short of magical. The guests have been soaking up the comfortable surroundings and taking in the view of the sunrises and crystal clear blue water right from their personal villas. We've lucked out with sunny days, light winds, and consistent waves, giving us lots of options on where to surf. The guys have been stoked to get both rights and lefts, and have even got a few surfs in at one of our guides secret spots. The forecast is showing a solid long period southwest swell to fill in for the remainder of the trip, with continual light variable winds and great conditions. The premier waves are going to be lighting up! These first few days have been a great warmup for what's to come.

As it is our first family trip, we've been doing a lot of snorkeling, kayaking, and fishing. The clear water and top conditions have been perfect for spotting sea creatures and shell hunting on the beach. Our grom-guest, Finn, has been loving our new boat, doing backflips off the roof and enjoying the ride. After a long day of activities, it's time to watch the sunset from the infinity pool with a cold drink in hand.

It doesn't get much better than this!

Words by Tory Gilkerson
Photos by Andrew Shield

The start of another perfect day at Pinnacles on Telo.

Surf check at Max's Left.

Perfect fun size lefts and no one else out. Not a bad first day!

Jeff setting up a secret spot around the corner.

Finn and some youthful enthusiasm.

Scott cutting back on a clean one.

Chris getting a feel for the reef.

Nate and a bottom turn through some afternoon glass.

John and a good carve at a bowly left not far from the resort.

A few pre-dinner drinks and a soak in the pool. Pretty awesome way to cap off a perfect day!

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Aganoa Lodge Samoa Pinnacles on Telo Telo Island Lodge