About Pegasus Lodges

Pegasus Lodges was born from our simple desire to experience and share the world’s most beautiful surfing locations. Long before the charter planes, king sized beds, air-conditioned rooms, WiFi connections, spa treatments and manicured grounds, it was all about the waves. And it still is.

Our lodges began as dreams, decades ago, when we were exploring remote regions.  Those early days seem like another life: Leaky boats, dead end roads, warm beer, hunches that led to nowhere, and, occasionally, spectacular secrets uncovered.

While our properties today are a far cry from those origins, we remain deeply connected to our surf-seeking roots. And that’s why — though we offer a polished and refined surf holiday product — we’ll always be in touch with that spirit of adventure.

While the 18-hour ferry rides may have been replaced with a private plane — and we delight in providing you with the best of every service and amenity — we are still unashamedly surf focused. It’s what we do because it’s what we love.

Our Properties